…imaginons vivre en harmony avec la nature…

About Ferme Sol


The living flowing land

is all there is forever.

We are it

it sings through us.

– Gary Snyder

our commitments

Stewardship of the Land 

We aim to live and farm by regenerative practices that manifest as a hybrid system of nomadic pastoralism for the grazing season with a good old fashioned timberframe barn for the snow season.  Specifically, we work to support the life in the soil by practicing no-till rotational grazing and haying on mature perennial pastures, protecting riparian buffers, planting windbreaks, spreading mature compost and using no mineral fertilizers.  

Animal Welfare 

Collaboration is an important aspect of our endeavour and we strive for a relationship of respect and collaboration with the beings that nourish and sustain us.  We use no chemical inputs, just plants, love and mineral inputs approved for organic certification. 


The natural fibre that can warm us from top to toe, in wet, in cold.  We are working to create useful items that give people access to responsibly-sourced practical products that are naturally beautiful and can gently return to the earth when no longer needed or useful.   

Our mission is to reconnect people to the land, the animals and the products that can support our well-being, contribute to revitalizing our ecosystems and invigorate us with the joy of their beauty. 

-Ginger Howell, Ferme Sol shepherdess

 Gratitude and Hope

I am grateful every day 

to live and work here on this land with these animals and people.  I am aware that my ancestors probably did the same.  But on a different continent, which they left to find a better life.  They came to North America – Turtle Island and worked the land of their dreams. But I look across this valley and I think it must have been the ideal winter home of an Anishinaabe family who were displaced from this place.  I have a wish for the legacy of that trauma to be healed.  I carry this wish in my heart and hope for guidance for reconciliation.