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Le Tropeau… meet the flock

These animals have been raised with love and care and respect. We have taken the difficult decision to reduce the size of our flock in order to earn off-farm income. Please use the contact form on the home page to make an inquiry about re-homing them for your own regenerative farming project. They are herd animals and must be in groups. We are offering a minimum of 4 at $450 each.

Ces animaux ont été élevés avec amour, soin et respect. Nous avons pris la décision difficile de réduire la taille de notre troupeau afin de gagner un revenu ailleurs. Veuillez utiliser le formulaire de contact de la page d’accueil pour nous demander de les accueillir dans le cadre de votre propre projet d’agriculture régénératrice. Ce sont des animaux de troupeau et ils doivent être en groupe. Nous offrons un minimum de 4 animaux à 450 $ chacun.

Stella, Leiza, Little Chevy, Bella, Ring, Curious, Alice, Violette and lambs
Stitch: born 2019, half Icelandic, half Fresian/British Milk Sheep
Josephine: born 2020, half Gotland, half Icelandic
Stitch with baby Ruby, 2020, waiting for the grass to grow, early spring.
Goldie’s Girl: born 2020, half Gotland/Finnsheep, half Fresian/Icelandic
Leiza’s Girl: born 2021, half Gotland/Finnsheep, half Shetland/Icelandic
Alice, speckled: born 2020, half Gotland/Finnsheep, half Icelandic/Fresian; Saddle: born 2022, half Blue Faced Leicester, half Gotland/Finnsheep/Icelandic/Fresian; Bree (dark grey in background): born 2020, half Gotland/Finnsheep, half Fresian/British Milk Sheep

more pictures to come

Breeding Program

We started with East Fresian and Shetland ewes in 2013 and added East Fresian, British Milk Sheep and Icelandic ewes in 2017, bringing in rams of different wool breeds to enhance the genetic diversity of the flock and improve the quality of the wool. We now have a flock of hardy ewes with beautiful wool, healthy hooves and udders who thrive in a rotational grazing system, foraging on mature, re-naturalized perennial pasture and hay from the same fields. They are excellent mothers who give birth to vigorous lambs, unattended. The lambs grow to a modest size during the grazing season and provide meat of exceptional quality and taste.

  • 2022 Lambs are from our BFL ram, ‘Pete’ and our Gotland/Icelandic/Shetland ram, ‘Poppy’
  • 2021 Ewes are from our Gotland/Finnsheep ram ‘Beltane’ and Gotland/Icelandic/Shetland ram, ‘Poppy’
  • 2020 Ewes are from our Gotland/Finnsheep ram ‘Beltane’
  • 2019 Ewes are from our neighbours’ Icelandic ram ‘Chevy’
  • 2018 Ewes are from our neighbours’ Icelandic ram ‘Blackie’
  • 2016 Ewes are from our Icelandic and mystery-wool-breed ram ‘Fluffy’
  • 2014 and 2015 Ewes are from our Sheltland ram ‘Dexter’